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PINVNBY Bearded Dragon Habitat Decoration,Reptile Habitat Plants Decor,Lizard Fake Vines Hanging Climbing Decorations Carpet Mat Natural Coconut Shell Hut for Tortoises Gecko Chameleons(4Pcs)

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  • ✔Package Include:1 x reptile carpet 15.7 x 15.7inches;1 x bendable vine with leaves 34.5inches;1 x coconut shell hut 5.11inches;1 x reptile fake vine plants 33inches;1 x suction cup.You can cut the mat to the right size according to your own pet cage for use a variety of reptiles,snake bedding,gecko,tortoises,chameleons and insects.
  • ✔High Quality Material:The mat is made of natural high-quality coconut fiber,non-toxic,tasteless,bacteria-free,eco-friendly material,not easy to break or deform and not contain any harmful ingredients.Don't worry about your pet getting sick by chewing this mat,it's safe to use.Coconut hut is made of 100% natural coconut shell to very strong and durable.Reptile persian rattan greenery leaves is made from plastic and the stems were made from iron wire,non-toxic and tasteless.
  • ✔Product Features:Natural coconut fiber are resistant to dirt,durable and easy to clean,moisture-proof and warm provide natural protection.It has strong filterability,strong water permeability and good air permeability and so on.Reptile can sleep on it,which can prevent ascites.Also will not irritate reptiles for claws and skin,can prevent skin decay.Your can cut the pets mat into the size that you need to fit your cage or tank,and placed at will.
  • ✔Application:Perfect reptiles mat,you can put it into cage or tank to use,and give them feel a fresh look.Coconut shell cave provides a feel safe hiding place for your reptilian making them having fun play.Reptile fake vine plants and bendable vine branch artificial branches can decorate habitats,let your pet feel the breath of nature,they will feel comfortable.Also can be used to decor household items,DIY vases and the like.
  • ✔Easy To Clean:Lizard carpet mat is resistant to dirt,durable and reusable,you just shake the dirt off the mat,wash it with water,hang it up to dry,and put it back in the cage.It will looks like new one.Your tank or cage will look cleaner and safer to use when you put a reptile mat in them.