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Petellow Cat Scratching Post 31 Inch - Scratching Posts with Natural Woven Sisal for Indoor Cats - Cat Scratching Post Tower with Cat Ball - Cat Scratching Tree Furniture Tall Tower

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  • šŸ˜» šš„š’š’š„š‘ š“š‡š€š š„š•š„š‘ šš„š…šŽš‘š„ ā€ Except for the scratching post, the lower part of this cat tower is designed with cute patterns and a removable cat jingle ball adds more play fun. The reinforced high-quality sisal material ensures that it is not damaged under high-strength cat scratches. Natural hues go very well with your home decor.
  • šŸ± ļ¼“ļ¼‘ā€ š…šˆš“ š…šŽš‘ šŒšŽš’š“ š‚š€š“š’ ā€ The 31 Inch Cat Scratching Post from petellow allows Indoor cats also large adult cat to stretch fully and tone muscles of your lovely pets. Cat Scratching tree keeps your cats from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains, sofa and more.
  • šŸ˜ø š’š€š…š„š“š˜ š…šˆš‘š’š“ ā€ Made from the natural woven sisal, this cat scratching post tower keeps your cats and their claws 100% healthy. Robust, durable construction with 15.7ā€³ by 15.7ā€³ base with anti-slip gasket prevents the cat tall tower from tipping over. ECO-friendly MDF Board without any spray lacquer, 100% safe for your kittens.
  • šŸˆ šˆšƒš„š€š‹ š†šˆš…š“ š…šŽš‘ š‚š€š“ šŽš–šš„š‘š’ ā€ A great place for indoor cats to unleash energy, relax, or quench the urge to scratch. Your kitty will really appreciate it. A great alternative for leaving your kitten alone without damaging your furniture. petellow cat scratching post is definitely the perfect gift for women and cat lovers.
  • ā¤ š©šžš­šžš„š„šØš° šš”š‘ššŽš’š„ ā€ Our aim is always to provide every pet lover with affordable, worthwhile, interesting and safe pet products. With petellow cat scratching tower you and your cats will get endless source of fun, our love to pets and customer-oriented afterservice.

Product Description

petellow 31 Inch Cat Scratching Post with Natural Woven Sisal for Indoor/Adult/Large Cats/Kittens

Ideal gift for your lovely cats&pet lovers

With the high-quality cat scratching post from petellow you can give your kitten the perfect playground. This luxurious scratching post allows your pet to relax or keep their minds satisfied for hours on end, using their claws and keeping their minds satisfied. Put it next to the cat's favorite window or anywhere else he or she likes to hang out and watch the fun begin. The tree is a great distraction for cats, who are prone to scratching things they shouldn't be scratching like curtains, blinds, furniture, sofa and more.

Satisfy your cat's need to scratch

Say goodbye to furniture protectors from cats scratching

The petellow cat scratching post is a point of contact for your cat to let off energy or to cope with the scratching urge and she will appreciate it very much. It's an endless source of fun, and he or she will spend hours studying the different possibilities of the product. Cats have a natural impulse to sharpen their nails by scratching, grooming, and removing dead layers - they generally follow instinct. By providing an outlet for these shoots, you save yourself potential damage to your property and keep your kitten happy and healthy at the same time.

Product details:

  • Material: Scratch-resistant natural sisal, robust MDF panels
  • Size: 31 x 15.7 x 15.7 inch (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 12.7 Pounds

100 reasons to choose petellow

  • 31 Inch for mos cats
  • With high-quality natural woven sisal
  • With anti-slip gaskets
  • With MDF Board
  • Wth cute patterns and a removable cat jingle ball
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Other 93 reasons

Find all fun for your cats

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