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Pet Soft

Pet Soft Dog Diaper Liners - Disposable Dog Diaper Inserts Booster Pads for Doggy Puppy Fit Reusable Pet Belly Band Wrap Period Panties 50/100Ct

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  • 🐶【Pet Soft Diaper Liners 100pcs】- S/M disposable dog diapers liners about 5.9”x 8.7” fit small and medium washable pet diapers, weight about 5-20bls, please check out our size chart to help determine the best size;
  • 🐶【Side-Leakproof Design】- Pet Soft disposable dog liners pad for diapers with EXTERNAL SIDE LAEKPROOF BARRIER TO PREVENT PEE SIDE-LEAKAGE that help u keeping belly band cover clean, do not need wash frequently, TIME-SAVING;
  • 🐶【Large Size & Super Absorbent】- Disposable puppy diaper insert for male and female dogs work well for small, medium and large dogs, and LARGER SIZE than others great for ABSORB EXCESS MOISTURE (up to 9-10 fl oz.) , super absorbing;
  • 🐶【Quick Absorbent & Strong Sticky】- Our disposable dog booster pads with unique printed pattern on the liner helping pee quickly absorb, keeping pet's butt dry all day; SUPER STRONG STICKER , the liner pad will not fall easily;
  • 🐶【Economic & Durable】- Why not choose disposable dog diaper liner insert to extend the life of your doggie diapers, super absorbent and easy clean, just need change a pad instead of wash or throw away diapers, it will help you reduce the energy and expense greatly;

Product Description

Pet Soft Newest Disposable Diaper Liners Fit For Male And Female Dogs Perfectly !

Pet Soft is aiming at providing products for helping pet parents dealing with pet training or behavioral problems for many years. Our new disposable dog diaper inserts help you reduce the trouble of your pet leakage, they are specially designed to keep your dog comfortable and your home protected.


Pee Leak-proof: Pet Soft new dog liners for diapers disposable with external side leakproof barrier to prevent pee leakage, so don't worry about discomfort caused by leaking.

Super Absorbent Core: The booster pads for dogs are designed to absorb excess moisture(up to 9-10 fl oz.) quickly, will not leak urine on your diapers.

More save your money: If you think the diapers are cost and non-durable, why not try disposable dog pee diapers inserts to extend the life of your doggie diapers, just need change a pad instead of wash or throw away diapers.

Many Use: Our disposable dog pet cat diaper liners are perfect for both male and female dogs, work well for small, medium and large dogs in excitable urination, incontinence or overnight leaks etc.

Product Details of Pet Soft Disposable Dog Diaper Liners:

Super Absorbent

The superior diaper liners can absorb excess moisture up to 9-10 fl oz. Its' absorbing capacity will not less than a normal diapers, can keep the dog's butt dry.

360° Leak-Proof

Compare to the normal booster pads, our newest dog diaper inserts are designed with external side leak-proof barrier to prevent pee leakage.

Breathable Non-Woven

The inner layer of the Pet Soft dog diaper inserts is soft non-woven, breathable out-layer allow the odor emit through tiny pores on the surface, keep dogs comfortable.

Size Chart

Our disposable dog diaper pads liners has two sizes for male and female dogs cats, weight from 5bls to 40bls, waist about 6"-25", fit different body types of dogs.



Lay your washable diaper flat.


Tear off the back sticker of the pad.


Attach the pad to the inside of dog wrap.


Remove the pad and throw it in the bin.