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Pet Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover for Artificial Astroturf Patio Carpet Concrete Soil Rubber Matting Synthetic Lawn Kennel Dog Run. Turfwash Enzyme Deodorizer Eliminates Urine Feces Destroys Odors

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  • Highly Concentrated Dog Urine Odor Eliminator for Pet Turf - 32oz bottle makes 8 gallon
  • Safe for People and Pets - Non Toxic, biodegradable formula
  • Great for Artificial Lawns, Patios, Pet Kennels, Dog Runs, Outdoor Carpets, Cages, Brick and Rubber Mats
  • Proudly Made In The USA - Product Guaranteed to Work
  • *Note - TurfWash must be diluted with water to activate. Pump Up Sprayer is not included with purchase*

TurfWash Breaks down pet waste to keep your artificial lawn smelling and looking great and clean for enjoyment by all. Just dilute and spray it wherever your pet goes. This fast acting formula will keep your turf like new! TurfWash is made up of odor eating bacteria and enzymes. In order for these bacteria to wake up and start working, TurfWash must be diluted with water per the instructions. It is important to remember that, in many cases, your pet has been using your backyard as a bathroom for a long time. TurfWash will work extremely well on breaking down odors, however, some cases will require multiple applications. Per the instructions, be sure to presoak the surface with cold hose water before applying TurfWash on hot days. This will insure the odor eating microbes do not overheat while working.