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Pet Diaper Disposable Super Absorbent Healthy Clean Nappy Mat for Rabbit Cage Pad Diaper Supplies for Reptiles Cats and Small Animals (100 Pcs Gray)

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  • 【PREVENT WASTE FROM SOILING TRAY】:These cage liners are 17.7” x 13” (43 x 33cm) which are perfect size to use as C&C cage liners.No matter what size cushion you use, you can cut or fold the cage liner to cover the any size cage.Because we have a pack of 100.
  • 【RABBIT DISPOSABLE DIAPER】:Upper layer of non-woven fabric for quick water absorption, refreshing and deodorizing.It is disposable and healthy, one piece can be used for at least one day.You can put it on the floor, bathroom, pet kennel, pet bag or even use it as a towel for your pets, etc.
  • 【ULTRA ABSORBENCY PET TOILET TRAINING PADS】:Unlike other cage liners cage lining is made of high-grade polymer and PVC these cage liners are baking soda free and use natural bamboo carbon technology to neutralize odors and the upgrade of the pulp makes the water absorption speed a new increase woven fabric and fluff pulp, soft suitable for Rabbits, chinchillas Lightweight and portable.
  • 【TURNS LIQUIDS INTO GEL】:kathson Super-Absorbent Cage Liners for small animals you can keep both your pet and your entire home smelling fresh and clean.Absorbs moisture up to 6-8 times its weight ,disposable cage liners equipped with advanced Technology that instantly converts urine into gel. to keep pets comfortable and dry.
  • 【EASY TO USE】:Directions: Trim cage liner to fit cage tray if necessary. Place cage liner underneath wire or mesh grate with the shiny side down. Replace when soiled.

Built-in polymer water-absorbent resin with good absorption.It can be completely absorbed in seconds and the surface becomes dry.