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Pet Cat Litter Mat Double Layer Waterproof Litter Cat Pads Trapping Pet Litter Box Mat

Pet Cat Litter Mat Double Layer Waterproof Litter Cat Pads Trapping Pet Litter Box Mat

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  • Material: Honeycomb-shaped EVA integrated from top to bottom, with three-side sewing and one-side opening sewing process.

  • Product function: suitable for more than 95% types of cat litter, the upper layer of through-hole material, the cat litter can easily pass through, the lower layer of waterproof material, cat litter, urine and other dirt can gather here. The cat litter pad is designed with upper and lower layers: the upper layer adopts a hexagonal hole concave and convex design, in addition to preventing cat litter from splashing after falling in, the spherical soft touch can also prevent cats from scratching, and the lower layer is sealed for cats. Sand, the bottom is designed with regular round holes, which is effectively anti-slip to prevent the rampant cat from slipping and getting injured.
  • The front and rear sides are designed with openings, which can easily pour out the cat litter. It is not troublesome at all, and it will not be in a hurry. What is even better is that the cat litter can be reused, which can save money while cleaning.
  • The material is made of high elastic EVA material. EVA is soft, washable and not stuffy, suitable for cats who like soft touch. There is an error of ±2cm in the manual measurement of the size.

  • 1.Exquisite quilted edge, thicken bottom, compact workmanship, durable quality.
  • 2.Double-layer cat litter trapper for trapping litter from cat paws and litter box, help you to save cleaning time and sands cost.
  • 3.Easy to clean, just pour out the litter via the opening pocket.
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