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Pet Bird Toys Parrot Toys Funny Intelligence Skateboard Toy Stand Perch Toy for Parakeet Cockatiels Bird Training Accessories

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  • 1. Mini skateboard(surface sanding) is suitable for parrot on the daily table to play and stand up to strengthen the balance and coordination of birds and help to do sports.
  • 2. Parrots can play this intellectual toy, exercise and keep healthy.
  • 3. Suitable for small and medium-sized parrot: budgie, peony, horizontal spot, Pacific Phoenix, small sun, golden sun, monk, Honey-Eater and other.
  • 4.It has the function that it can relieve stress and boredom, which are conducive to their physical and mental health.

Product Description:
Item Type:Bird Toy
Toys Type:Developmental Toys
Width:1.97"/5 cm
Height:1.18"/3 cm
Length:5.51"/14 cm
Target Audience:Birds