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Penn-Plax Quick-Net Aquarium Fish Net - Durable, Strong, and Safe - Color May Vary (Blue or Green) - 4? X 3? Net - 10? Handle

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Quick-Net presents the 4 Aquarium Fish Net by PENN-PLAX. Its always good to have an extra net for your aquarium! In addition to cleaning up some extra fish food that was accidentally poured, it becomes a handy tool when you need to quickly handle fish, and transfer them between tanks. Our fish nets can also be used to move aquarium decorations around! Theyre safe to use with both freshwater and saltwater fish, and come in various sizes!Durable, Strong, and Safe: Each fish net features a vinyl covered, two-part braided handle that provides for an ergonomic grip, ensuring reliable operation with its strong design. Our aquarium fish nets wont bend or become distorted over time, even with repetitive use. The mesh netting is appropriate for almost any type of aquarium fish, both freshwater and saltwater.Measurements: The QN4 model of our Quick-Net line features a 4 x 3 net, with a handle length of 10Color May Vary: Please be advised that our fish nets come in various shades of blue and green. We will ship based on availability. But rest assured, your fish wont mind the difference in color, as long as theyre safely transported.Shop PENN-PLAX for All Your Pets Needs: PENN-PLAX is a manufacturer and distributor of top quality pet supplies, who specialize in creating excellent pet products for animals, both great and small.
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