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Penn-Plax Bonsai Tree on Rocks Style 1 Aquarium Decor

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The Bonsai Tree on Rocks is designed for fresh and salt water aquariums. The decoration has a swim through rock formation and a bonsai tree with colorful green branches which can be used as a hiding spot for smaller fish.

Add some serene beauty to your fine fish home with Penn Plax Bonsai Tree on Rocks Aquarium Decor - Style 1. This zenful decoration features a bonsai tree resting peacefully on rocks, giving your fish - and you - a perfect spot to meditate. It's crafted of fish-safe, non-toxic resin.

Penn Plax Penn-Plax is a family-owned company in operation since 1959. They specialize in creating excellent pet supplies for animals both great and small. Best known for producing pet products at affordable prices, the Penn-Plax brand is synonymous with innovation and quality, keeping your pet foremost in mind.