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Pawsmark QI003672.LT 6 X 17 X 21 In. Cat Litter Box Replacement Liner Tray

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  • Sliding tray for a mess free disposal and easy cleaning
  • Composed out of durable plastic material won't leak or rust
  • Latch on litter box securely lock the tray in place
  • Prevents litter scatter

This cat litter pan with dome cover encloses cats on all sides, providing privacy for your kitty while maintaining litter-free floors. Handle on top of the dome makes it easy to carry and latch securely locks the lid onto the base. Carbon filter- absorbs, traps and removes odors, so it can be placed in any room. Removable plastic door provides easy in and out access for your cat, whereas the raised entrance prevents cats from tracking litter out. Additionally, the sliding tray and litter scoop makes it easy to clean.

Features Specifications
  • Dimension: 6" H x 17" W x 21"D
  • Weight: 3 lbs
- SKU: QKWY1952
Litter Box Replacement Liner Tray