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Pawhut Hamster Cage, Small Animal Habitats Rat House Includes Water Bottle, Food Dish, Exercise Wheel, 27.5" L X 18" W X 17.5" H, Transparent

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  • HAMSTER CAGE: Do you need habitat for your hamster? This hamster cage has a freely connecting tube system to create a natural and comfortable atmosphere for your small furry friends.
  • MULTI-TIER PET KENNEL: This multilevel hamster house has a crossover tube tunnel so that this space can serve your pets as a living and activity hub.
  • HAMSTER CAGE ACCESSORIES: This small animal cage includes a water bottle, exercise wheel, food dish, and ladders.
  • ACCESSIBLE DESIGN: You can easily open the roof to provide access to your pets. The transparent design of the hamster enclosure allows you to watch your hamster zip from the lower levels, up the tube, and into the multi-level vertical playspace.
  • HAMSTER CAGE INFORMATION: 27.5" L x 17.75" W x 17.25" H.