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Paw Legend

Paw Legend Washable Diapers Liners for Dog (10 Pack)

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  • Paw Legend Heavy Absorbency Dog Diaper Liners (10 PACK) - provides triple layers of protection for ultra-absorbency, complete comfort and cleanliness. Dog belly bands are the light version of a diaper that works for male dogs with mild 'leakage',use Dog Diaper Liners give your dog complete leakage protection.Package does NOT include Diapers or Belly Bands.
  • Heavy Absorbency - Dog diaper liners attach quickly to Paw Legend diapers and stay in place well. Leaky plumbing makes life difficult for everyone - but you can minimize those difficulties by using the right products.Paw Legend Diaper liners provide reliable,extra protection for traveling,dogs with incontinence, and female dogs in heat, heavy bladder leakage ,heavy seasonal flow or for overnight diaper use.They are an absolute lifesaver.
  • More Comfortable and Healthy- Top layer made with lightweight Stay-Dri fabric, soft to the skin and effective in pulling moisture away from your dog’s body. Diaper liners can also help keep your dog's skin drier and decrease minimize 'scalding' (the damage acidic urine causes to skin).They are very soft and gentle on your dogs skin, keep them more comfortable and healthy.
  • Washable and Easy Cleanning - Completely washable, eco-friendly and hygienic product. Dries quick in minutes,it catches larger accidents and any leaks. Machine wash or clean with handwashing. Use a gentle liquid soap with tea tree oil and no odor or stains remain. A good additon to your washable diaper for your dog.
  • Durable Fabric - Fabric is pretty durable and all seams and stitches are nice and tight,washing them 50 or more times and they seem to have the same absorbency.They are helpful products out there for your companions! Amazing product combination with our diapers.