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Parrot Playground, Bird Play Gym Wooden Perch Climbing Ladder Swing Chewing Toys and Parakeet Nest Box Feeding Cup Sports Activity Centre (Including Tray)

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  • 【PERFECT SIZE】SIZE:14.9” X 9.4” X 16.1”(38*24*42cm) (L * W * H), birdcage play stand the perfect portable size is suitable for placing on the desk.Brightly colored toys appeal to the bird’s strong eyesight capabilities.When kept as pets parrots need time outside of their cage to play,to exercise and to interact with their human companions.
  • 【AWESOME PLAYGYM FOR FUN】Bird toy is great fun and provides stimulation for your bird mentally and physically.provides a comfortable place for your pets to play and exercise,eliminat boredom and improve the level of exercise.Allows your bird to get good climbing training.Offers many perching areas and ladder for additional exercise opportunities.
  • 【HAVE A FUN BIRD PLAY GROUND】Package includes all the parts of bird stand,including screws,a tray, toy,water cups,BESIDES,we put a little screwdriver in the package for assembling it. If you have any problems after receiving the stand,plz let us know,we will happy to solve it,you can refer to this data before you buy it to see if it is suitable for your birds.PLZ NOTE the size dimension, if your birds are too big, please choose our other larger wooden stand.

【WOODEN,STABLE,STURDY】The Pet parrot playstand is made of wood,Made of handmade 100% natural environmentally friendly wood.Non-toxic and non-irritating smell, strong and durable, and it is safe to chew,and all the parts are connected with screws. This way, the bird play gym is more sturdy and more stable,and will not hurt the bird's feet.Plz note, you need to assemble the bird stand by yourself.