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Oxbow Animal Health

Oxbow Pet Products Western Timothy Hay Small Animal Food, 40 Oz.

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Oxbow® Western Timothy Hay 40 Oz
Internationally recognized Oxbow Animal Health collaborates with veterinarians and scientists to develop superior foods and accessories for small animals. Oxbow Western Timothy Hay is the company's most popular grass hay. It provides high quality nutrition, a fresh fragrance attractive to small herbivores, and a long-strand fiber source that stimulates digestion and keeps small herbivores' digestive tracts functioning properly. Feed your rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, prairie dog or other small herbivores Oxbow Western Timothy Hay as an alternative to oat hay, brome and orchard grass. Free-choice feed this hay to recreate a natural environment, provide mental stimulation, promote natural foraging behavior, and support instinctive chewing behavior to prevent molar spurs and other teeth problems.
Timothy Grass Hay, Crude protein (min) 7.00%, Crude fiber (max) 32.00%, Crude fat (min) 1.50%, Moisture (max) 15.00%./div>