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Oster Window Mount Pet Cat Bed, Brown

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Give your pet a nice and comfy place to hang out in by installing this Oster Cat Window Bed. This product is typically attached near windows, providing your pet with a peaceful spot to bask in the sun. Designed for felines that enjoy a high vantage point, this space-saving Oster sunny seat mounts securely to glass windows and doors using four ultra-strong suction cups that can each hold up to 50 lbs. It features a durable scratch-resistant canvas cover and a soft reversible pad for added comfort. Both the cover and the pad are machine washable for easy cleaning. This cat window seat is simple to assemble and does not require any tools to do so. Set it up at his or her favorite spot and it gives your feline a warm and sunny place to rest. The Oster cat window bed comes in a neutral color that will blend in nicely with most interiors.

Oster Cat Window Bed:
Instructions:Important: Read and understand all instructions prior to proceedingYour Sunny Seat™ Cat Bed can be attached to any smooth surfaced, double paned or insulated paned window or sliding door.Assembling and Mounting Your Sunny Seat™ Cat Bed1. Thoroughly clean the mounting surface and the suction cups to ensure a proper seal between the suction cup and the glass.2. Attach left, middle and right sides of base, then attach suction cups to base ends.3. Thread cables through fabric cover. Slide fabric cover onto base from the curved side towards the suction cups so that it fits snugly.4. Mount the Cat Bed to ensure a horizontal level by first attaching the bottom suction cups, then the upper suction cups. Select a height that allows your cat easy access.Care Instructions• Use a damp cloth to wipe any loose hair.• If machine washing is desired, detach the cables from the upper suction cups. Slide the fabric cover off the frame allowing the cables to slide through.• Machine wash using cold water, gently cycle.Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.