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OMAYKEY 50W 2 Pack Basking Spot Heat Lamp Bulb Soft White Glow UVA Glass Cover Heat Lamp/Bulb/Light for Lizard Chameleon Bearded Dragon Snake Aquarium Reptile & Amphibian

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  • ✔ This 50W soft white light heat lamp is made of high-quality glass, it has a perfect heat radiation feature, more efficient and longer lasting
  • ✔ This basking spot heat bulb is simple and easy to install, just screw it into a standard porcelain E26/E27 screw socket (ATTENTION: Use only with a porcelain socket, because the plastic socket may melt the lamp holder), great for pet, lizard, tortoise, snake, spider, chameleon, turtle, all reptiles & amphibians
  • ✔ This heat lamp's input voltage is AC 110V-120V, power is 50 Watts, full size is diameter 3.03 inch x height 4.33 inch
  • ✔ This UVA heat lamp could improve reptile appetite, appropriate amount of UVA and soft light produced by the light radiation for reptiles environment to provide hot sun drying temperature. Improving reptile appetite and body color deposition, which is good for promoting food digestion
  • ✔ ATTENTION: 1. Please turn on 3-5 hours per day, because long hours of high temperature work can easily reduce the bulb's lifetime; 2. Please do not turn on bulb immediately after turning off, because the sudden arrival of the electric pulse with the original high temperature bulb may directly burn the bulb; 3. Bulb‘s surface temperature is high when working, please do not use your hand to test the temperature, also please adjust the distance between the heat lamp and the pets