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Ökocat Dust-Free Natural Paper Non-Clumping Cat Litter Pellets with Odor Control, Large, 12.3 Lbs

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  • Paper Pellet Cat Litter: Our next-generation, paper-based cat litter pellets are exceptionally absorbent, odor controlling, and naturally lightweight for added convenience and cleanliness
  • Long-Lasting Odor Control: Natural paper-fiber litter pellets are fortified with long-lasting, plant-based odor control specially formulated to suppress the smell of ammonia
  • Non-Clumping Litter: Pellet litter quickly absorbs all liquid keeping your cat's feet dry and making cleaning the litter box quick and easy
  • Dust-Free: Our Dust-Free cat litter is made from clean paper fiber with no airborne dust, ideal for cats with respiratory ailments, homes with allergies or post-surgical needs
  • Natural Cat Litter: Our paper cat litter is free of inks or dyes, artificial fragrance, harmful chemicals or GMOs; Unlike clay, our biodegradable cat litter degrades quickly and cleanly

Switch to a superior natural cat litter that's cleaner and healthier for your cat, family, and home. Our next-generation cat litter is made entirely from reclaimed, clean white paper fiber. Free from harmful chemicals, inks or dyes, and artificial fragrance, unscented ökocat litter boasts long-lasting, plant-based odor control to suppress ammonia odors. Best of all, our non-clumping paper pellet litter is dust-free and low-tracking, ideal for cats with respiratory ailments, homes with allergies or post-surgical needs. oko is German for "eco" or ecological, meaning green or organic. okocat litter is made from 100% reclaimed paper that comes from the earth and can be returned to the earth.