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NICREW Clip on Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light with White, Blue and Red Leds, Planted Aquarium Light for Nano Tank, 2 Lighting Modes

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  • The clip light allows accurate views of plants, invertebrates and fish in their natural colors
  • Features white, blue and red LEDs for daylight mode and blue LEDs only for a nightlight mode
  • Easily mounts on and secured to the glass of framed or frameless aquariums up to 5/8'' with the clip on bracket design
  • 30 super bright LEDs help to bring out optimal colors for your fish and produce amazing shimmer to your aquarium
  • This clamp aquarium light is suitable for planted tanks from 2.5 to 5 gallons

Product Description

NICREW Clip-on Planted Light

Show off your tank with the easy-to-use and energy-saving clip-on LED aquarium light. It is great for refugiums, small freshwater and planted aquariums.

NICREW Clip-on Planted Fish Tank Light

This LED aquarium light's compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install and remove. The controller on the cord is convenient for lighting mode changing. 30 bright LEDs help support and grow lush plants and the adjustable clamp letting it conveniently fit most framed or frameless aquariums.

  • Two lighting modes: Daylight/Nightlight
  • 30 bright LEDs for shimmering illumination
  • Better heat dissipation hood
  • Low voltage and energy-saving
  • Ideal for 2.5-5 gallon nano tanks
  • Additional red LEDs make aquatic plants' colors look more rich and vibrant

High-quality LEDs

Bright white LEDs combine with blue and red LEDs, creating a natural aquatic environment for your fish tank.

Two Lighting Modes

Equipped with the easy-to-use wired controller, there are 2 lighting modes for choosing.

Quick Installation

Easy to install clamp fits most rimless and framed fish tanks up to 5/8 inch thick, without drilling or cutting.

Fit Aquariums 2.5 to 5 gallons 2.5 to 5 gallons 2.5 to 5 gallons 5 and 5.5 gallons
Dimensions 7 x 2.2'' 7 x 2.2'' 7.2 x 2'' 10.6 x 2''
Wattage 10W 8W 7W 10W
Output 20V 0.5A 20V 0.6A 12V 1A 12V 1A
LEDs 22 White + 4 Red + 4 Blue 15 White + 3 Blue 15 White + 3 Blue 21 White + 6 Blue