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NICREW Aquarium LED Reef Light, Dimmable Full Spectrum Marine LED for Saltwater Coral Fish Tanks

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  • Full color spectrum (popular blue spectrum, red, green and Violet+UV) can promote optimal coral growth and enhance dramatic coloration, while creating a gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium
  • With a maximum spread of 24″ x 24″, the light has a peak PAR of 128µMol at a depth of 24 inches, perfect for small to medium reef tanks
  • Smart fans for LEDs temperature control ensuring optimal LEDs' working conditions
  • With touch control, white and blue channels can be operated together or independently, allowing you to adjust the light intensity and spectrum for your tank
  • Easily mount your light on your rimmed or rimless tank with the tank mount included, you can also choose to suspend the light above your aquarium with hanging kit (Sold separately)

Product Description

HyperReef 50

The HyperReef LED for Saltwater Aquariums features Cool White, Warm White, Photo Red, Green, Royal Blue, Blue, Violet and UV LEDs for full spectrum output with wavelengths that exceeds the visible light spectrum. Creating the most vivid spectrum and multiple spectral combinations optimized to suit your aquarium's exact lighting needs. Suitable for soft corals and LPS dominated tanks, as well as SPS corals in the center-top of tank.

NICREW 50W Aquarium LED Reef Light

The NICREW HyperReef LED is perfect for small spaces and nano reef and saltwater tanks. It has 24 LEDs that range from 405 nm (UV) to 660 nm (Deep Red). Emitting a full spectrum making it a perfect light for fast growth, and coloration of corals. NICREW HyperReef LED could meet the lighting needs of corals and enable you to give your coral what they need without having to become an expert in lighting and programming.

  • Optimal output for maximum color & growth
  • Recommended Spread - 18" x 18"
  • Control of the white and blue channels independently
  • Multiple types of mounting solutions
  • Narrow-angle lens focuses the light for better penetration
  • An integrated fan to prolong light lifespan
  • UL Listed low voltage power supply

Flawless Touch Control

The light is able to be set to 5%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% intensities for each channel to allow you to adjust the light intensity and spectrum for your tank.

NOTE: This item is not compatible with NICREW Single-channel timer and Dual-channel timer.

Hanging Mounting

You can also choose to suspend the light above your aquarium with hanging kit (Sold separately). The recommended coverage area is 18 x 18 inches.

Clip-on Installation

Easily mounts on framed or frameless aquariums using the versatile mounting screw. It is for aquarium thickness up to 1.3 inches. (Not suitable for less than 6mm glass.)

CAUTION: Do not overtighten the setscrews.

Watts 30W 50W 100W 150W
LED Channels 2 2 2 2
Number of LEDs 18 24 48 72
Intensity Adjustment of Each Channel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Peak PAR@24" 58 128 250 Approx. 305 PAR@28"
Recommended Spread 18 x 18 in 18 x 18 in 18 x 18 in 24 x 24 in
Maximum Spread 20 x 20 in 24 x 24 in 24 x 24 in 30 x 30 in
0-10V Port No (Compatible with NICREW Dual-channel Timer)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I use timer to control HyperReef LEDs?

Yes, HyperReef 50, 100 and 150 can be connected to an external 0-10V controller. You can use Kessil Spectral Controller X to control the lights if you have one. Please notice, we don't recommend you to use Kessil A-Series Spectral Controller currently (because the controller cannot turn off HyperReef white channel completely when we tested, minimum brightness is 5%). For HyperReef 30, you can buy our dual channel timer instead. Please do not buy our single channel timer, single channel timer pro and dual channel timer to connect with HyperReef 50, 100 and 150. They are not compatible.

Q2: Can I control HyperReef through Neptune Apex?

Yes, HyperReef 50, 100 and 150 can be controlled by Apex. But you need to connect a 3.5mm to RJ45 cable (not included) directly into your Apex Controller. You can buy Kessil 3.5mm to Neptune Apex Control cable or make your own cable instead. Below is the Apex DIY Cable Wiring diagram. Please notice, HyperReef 30 doesn't have 0-10V control ports. You can buy our dual channel timer instead.