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NC Dog Diaper Liners Booster Pads for Male and Female Dogs, Disposable Doggie Diaper Inserts Fit Most Reusable Pet Belly Bands, Cover Wraps, and Washable Period Panties

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  • 1. Disposable dog diapers with super absorbent core provide comfortable and safe fit, specially designed for dogs.
  • 2. The super absorbent core of these diapers is specially designed to absorb water well and lock all moisture, and it also has a leak-proof protective barrier.
  • 3. For incontinence, puppies training, females in estrus, recovery from surgery, excitement of urination and traveling dogs, these diapers are suitable for any occasion.
  • 4. Puppy diapers made of lightweight microfiber fabric and reconnected fasteners allow individual adjustment and easy wearing.
  • 5. If you need dog diapers, then disposable diapers are your best choice. The perfect solution to wrap your pet and keep your home clean and hygienic.