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KT Manufacturing Inc.,

Mysterious Purr Padd Pet Cat Bed, Gray

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Actual Color
  • Natural / Eco-Friendly

Keep your cat warm and cozy with these KT Manufacturing Purr Padds. They work like a magnet and are electrostatically charged to trap dander, flea dirt, hair and dust. These eco-friendly cat beds are made from ultra-soft polyester fibers that act as an insulator to absorb and hold the heat cats love. They can be used to protect furniture and to cushion cat carriers. The ultra-soft polyester fibers act as an insulator, to absorb and hold the heat, keeping your kitty warm and comfortable year-round. These cat cushions are made from 100 percent recyclable polyester, and the corrugated packaging used comes from sustainable wood fiber. You can place a Purr Padd in your cat's favorite spot or create a new resting area by placing it anywhere you desire.

KT Manufacturing Purr Padd Eco-Friendly Cat Bed, Set of 2: