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Mini Magnetic Fish Tank Aquarium Glass Cleaner Brush Magnets Strong Magnetic Clean Dead Ends Scratch-Free New

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  • Cleaner
  • Mini, Magnetic
  • Fish Tank ,Aquarium, Glass
  • Magnets, Strong Magnetic, Clean Dead, Ends Scratch-Free


The dual-purpose floating and sinking magnetic brush has super magnetic force, which is suitable for all kinds of fish tanks and has a large suction force.
This product is made of imported engineering plastics, processed by ultrasonic, with beautiful appearance, floating design and easy to use.
This product is made of strong magnets. When using, you only need to put one of them into the aquarium, and the other can be absorbed together outside the tank. While moving the outer one, it drives the inner one to achieve the disposable inside and outside the aquarium. Clean, the interior adopts a floating design to avoid accidentally falling into the aquarium and being inconvenient to take.
Very suitable for small glass fish tanks or saltwater, and freshwater, not suitable for acrylic fish tank. Easy to use and store, can be placed in the corner after use which is not affect fish watching activities.
Help you easily clean the fish tank without scratching the glass. Just clean it once and your fish will get a clean and healthy home. And you don't need to wet your hands or disturb fish to retrieve it. 


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