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Mingdak Submersible LED Aquarium Light,Fish Tank Light with Timer Auto On/Off, White & Blue LED Light Bar Stick for Fish Tank, 3 Light Modes Dimmable,8W,15 Inch

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  • 3 LIGHTING MODES: The white, the bule or the white & blue light brings out the color of everything in tank,creates a wonderful aquascape. It is the best choice for main light, accent light,or replacement aquarium hood light.
  • GOOD FOR PLANT & FISH: Ultra-bright 7000-7500k White LEDs and rich 460nm blue light are sufficient to grow your plant thriving.It also lights your fish in a way that really changes their color to stand out.
  • BUILT-IN TIMER: The fish tank light has built-in timer and 3 timing durations, it will come on and go off at the same time every day and light up for 6 hours,10 hours or 12 hours.No need to buy extra timer.
  • BUILT-IN DIMMER: There are 42 super bright leds in the 15 inch fish tank light, if you have over bright issues, you can adjust the brightness with the built-in dimmer for each white light and blue light.
  • WATERPROOF AND EASY TO MOUNT: It is submersible and with moveable suction cups, mount the light on tank bottom or at the top, attach it into the tank any angle or even outside the tank.

Product Description

In MingDak, our goal is to provide quality products for our customers. With the expertise in aquarium light, our product not only superior in performance but also make your purchase experience more enjoyable and comfortable anytime and anywhere.

  • Output : 12V 0.3A
  • Input : 110-240V 1A
  • Cable Length: 50+45inch

Upgraded Submersible LED Light 42 LEDs

Big improvement over function: Timer & Dimmer

MingDak LED aquarium light is a great Underwater Submersible light and illuminater for fish shrimp beta tank. 3 Lighting Modes + 6/10/12H Timing Periods + 10 Level Brightness Choice are available to enhance fish color and provide lighting effect in day or night.

  • Brightness Options From 10-100%
  • Divided Adjust Brightness Color Beads
  • 3 Lighting Modes:white/ blue/ blue&white
  • 6/10/12H Timing Periods Everyday
  • Automatic Lighting On & Off Everyday

Brightness options from 10-100%

There are more brightness options from 10-100%. Each press can increase 10% brightness divided. When come to max, it will start again from 10% brightness. Add divided adjust brightness color beads, no need to pair with the external timer&dimmer.

3 Lighting Modes:white/ blue/ blue&white

It has 3 lighting modes on the switch: a white light, a blue light, a blue&white light. Mode I : Only 21 white lights on. Mode II : Only 21 blue on. Mode III:21 white and 21 blue lights all on. Very bright light which will be great for the shrimp / betta tank.

6/10/12H Timing Periods Everyday

You can keep the light on for about 6/10/12 hours and then lights out completely for the rest of the night. Each period working will show different color indicator light. 6H is blue color, 10H is green color, 12H is red color.

Fit Aquariums Length 17-30 inches 17-30 inches 17-30 inches 17-30 inches
Watte 8.4W 4.2W 3W 3W
LEDs QTY 42 21 42 42
Built-in Time&Dimmer NO NO NO
Adjustable Brightness NO NO
Lighting Modes White/Blue/Blue&white 16 colors Blue White
Cable Length 50+45inch 44+46 inch 17+46 inch 17+46 inch