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MICROBE-LIFT Professional Gravel & Substrate Cleaner for Freshwater and Saltwater Tanks, 1 Gal (1 Gallon) (16Oz)

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  • QUICKLY CLEAN YOUR AQUARIUM: Microbe-Lift Gravel and Substrate Cleaner creates a healthy aquatic environment by speeding the biological breakdown of slow to degrade organic waste matter from aquarium bottoms that may become toxic to marine life
  • HOW IT WORKS: Gravel and Substrate Cleaner is organic and microbial-based; it biologically degrades bottom organic sludge and muck with minimal disturbance, reducing or eliminating harmful gaseous compounds, and clarifying the water
  • ORGANIC BLEND: Our formula contains natural cellulosic matter, select biological accelerators, and special microbes proven effective in aquarium sludge reduction; This natural and non-caustic material reduces and binds nutrients Including phosphates
  • WHAT TO WATCH FOR: This product is black in color and may temporarily tint your aquarium water slightly; do not be concerned, the active ingredient is a natural product and will help clarify the water as well as digest organics in the aquarium
  • TOTAL SOLUTIONS: Gravel and Substrate Cleaner is recommended for use with all Microbe-Lift bacteria and enzyme products to create a healthy ecosphere for the fish, coral, and plants in your freshwater or saltwater home aquarium