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Mau Lifestyle

Mau Lifestyle Sharky Cat Bed, Orthopedic, Gray

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  • Made of plush felt, fabric, and fiber filling, the Sharky looks sharp but only in looks! Your pet will love the cushioned, soft premium plush feel of the interior; it’s perfect for comfortable naps and lounging.
  • While most “novelty” pet beds are made of sub-par materials, the Sharky is thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted with high-quality, durable felt, and double-stitched edging that holds up to frequent comings and goings.
  • Your pet will love hiding inside the enclosed interior, as the widely-spaced shark’s teeth accents let them feel secure while still keeping an eye on the room from their new hangout spot.

Dun-dun. Dun-dun doo doo doo! Look out, there’s a shark on the loose, and it’s got “jaws” of comfort ready for your pet. The Sharky is a fun, high-quality novelty pet bed in the shape of a chomping shark. Made from premium felt, the bell-shaped body opens up into an interior bed and a removable cushion behind felt “teeth.” Details like top and dorsal fins complete the look, garnering praise and gratitude from even the most aloof feline house member and a laugh from your guests. Inviting this clever shark pet bed into your home benefits others, too: we donate 5% of all sale proceeds to our favorite animal charities.