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Maohegou Syrian Hamster Ceramic Accessories Golden Hamster Habitat Syrian Hamster Food Bowl Golden Hamster Toilet Gakaria Hamster Food Bowl Roborowski Hamster Bathtub Campbell Hamster Bowl

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  • 1. Syrian Hamster nest is designed according to their habits —— The golden hamster nest is designed according to the characteristics of the golden hamster curling up when sleeping. The back of the nest is curved, which fits the curve of the back when the golden hamster curls up to sleep, allowing the golden hamster to rely on it during sleep, giving the Syrian hamster more safety and better sleeping experience.
  • 2. The hamster food bowl is made of human-use food-grade high-temperature white porcelain, clean and hygienic —— The hamster food bowl is made of food-grade white porcelain.The bowl will NOT absorb water, the food inside the bowl will be dry and clean and WILL NOT become moldy and deteriorates. The bowl is also very easy to clean. There will be no stains attached to the inside of the bowl after cleaning.
  • 3. The toilet will not be knocked over, and the urine sand will not spill out ——the super large-capacity golden hamster toilet is heavy and thick, and will not be knocked over by hamsters. Unlike plastic, the surface of the toilet is treated with glazed water and will not be corroded by urine. The large-capacity toilet allows golden hamsters to dig freely in the toilet and choose a place to urinate, and the urine sand will not be overturned or overflowed when digging.
  • 4. Will not be bitten through—— the surface of Syrian hamster's nest, bowl and toilet are glazed, smooth and dense, so Syrian hamsters cannot be bitten through.
  • 5. Can be used for thousands of years —— golden hamster nests, food bowls, and toilets are all white porcelain sintered at high temperature. The water seepage rate is low, and bacteria will not grow after drying; the surface is glazed, easy to clean, normal use (not damaged Under the circumstances) can be used for thousands of years, enough to accompany your beloved pet through a healthy and happy life.