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LUXJA Reusable Male Dog Diaper Pads (6 Pack)

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  • NOTES: These detachable dog diaper pads are matched with Luxja male dog diapers. For other brands please refer to the size chart.
  • ABSORBENT FABRIC: 2 layers of soft microfiber material are sewn together, which is idea for nighttime wetting.
  • 4 SNAPS: Fasten the pad in the male dog diaper by 4 snaps. (Matching diaper ASIN: B07B8J51VZ)
  • DURABLE STITCHES: Edge stitch neatly to make the pad more durable.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Using gentle liquid detergent, tumble dry. (The pads should be washed separately from the dog diapers)