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LUCKYERMORE Large Outdoor Dog Kennel Pet Playpen Dog Kennel for Training Chain-Link Mesh Sidewalls Lockable Single Door

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  • Protective Cover: A durable UV and water-resistant tarp cover helps keep your pets protected from the weather and outside elements.
  • Spacious Interior: Offers plenty of room for your pets to enjoy exercise, play, and other outside activities in a pet-friendly environment.
  • Single Door: Offers convenient access for both pets and owners. The owner can enter easily for feeding, training, and playing.
  • Galvanized Steel Wire: Keep your pets safe from predators, the weather, and other hazards while outdoors , providing a safe and secure environment for your pet.
  • Easy to Clean: Galvanized and Rust Resistant so that easy to keep a clean environment for your pet. The smooth surface is easy to clean with a wet cloth or some running water.