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LIU NING Small Pet Bedding Mate,Small Animal Bedding Mixed Dired Flower and Grass Bedding,Small Animal Bedding and Litter for Rabbit,Guinea Pig,Ideal Rat,Hamster,0.7 Ounce (Pack of 8)

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  • 🐰 Small Pet Bedding-- Mixed with Aspen, Wood Pellets, Paper, Wood Fibers, Corn cob etc. that the mixed bedding is the best litter which makes the driest most comfortable home for ideal rat, guinea pig bedding, rabbit litter or for small pets .
  • 🐰 Design Their Home-- We all know how much they like to redecorate. Flower & Grass mix is for the Guinea Pigs and rabbits who appreciate thoughtful their home. They sure are artsy small animals!
  • 🐰 Mix It Up-- Not just pretty, our Flower & Grass mix packs a powerful health punch. With variety in their rabbit treats and guinea pig treats, they can enjoy the different chewable textures and enticing smells.
  • 🐰 Let Them Know They are Special--We all need to feel special sometimes. With Flower & Grass you are giving your friend a bouquet. A safe, chemical-free, organic bouquet. And what’s better than getting flowers? Of course, Eating them! Rich in essentials minerals and oils, this tasty all-natural treat is a favorite among herbivores.
  • 🐰 Add Variety, Add Nutrition, Add Fun-- But don’t add calories or fat. Our in-house rabbit snacks and guinea pig snacks use organic & wildcrafted herbs & flowers.