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Litter Box Mat, Cat Litter Mat, Litter Box Mat, Honeycomb Design, Litter Box Rug, Waterproof Double Layer Design, Honeycomb Mat, Black, 76Cm*61Cm

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Super Large: Perfect for litter boxes. A large litter box pad (76×61cm) frees you from fiddly clean-up work. The entire mat can catch up to 100% more cat litter than other mats.

Easy to wash: the old cat litter mat is not possible to thoroughly clean the cat litter and the cat litter on the mat. Piveiev cat litter mats can be cleaned once and can be rinsed directly with a hose. To clean, simply shake out, vacuum or rinse quickly. Save time and energy!

Soft And Safe: Many other mats use rough materials that can injure kittens. Our premium comfort mat is phthalate free and our super soft EVA material is gentle on sensitive cat paws. Cats even like to take a nap in the afternoon.Kitty Mat

Double Layer E Honeycomb : Double layer honeycomb design helps you litter to collect on the top layer and let go through the holes to the bottom layer. Prevents litter from scattering. The bottom layer is waterproof and does not let liquid through. Protect your parquet floors and carpets from unpleasant urine stains. Suitable for closed litter box, xxl litter box, self-cleaning litter box, litter box with sieve, self-cleaning litter box.

Litter box mat, cat litter mat, litter box mat, honeycomb design, litter box rug, waterproof double layer design, honeycomb mat, black, 76cm*61cm