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Litter Box Mat Cat Litter Mat - 40X64Cm Large Litter Box Mat, Waterproof Double-Layer Washable

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  • Highly efficient reduction of cat litter in the room - With the help of a double layer with a honeycomb structure, large and deep holes catch the waste from box and cat paws, ensure a waste-free home and thus save unnecessary cleaning time. You cannot constantly collect scattered cat litter and urine.
  • Waterproof and comfortable safety material- cat litter tray mat made of high quality oxford fabric and EVA double layer material, sufficiently strong and durable, soft and comfortable, great waterproof, always keep the ground dry. Safe and odorless, pleasant for the cat's sensitive claws, protects the cat's claws from pain.
  • Large cat litter mat- The cat litter mat is 40 x 64 cm and fits most cats so that they stay clean and tidy in the room. With large holes, most of the cat litter of different sizes can pass into the second layer.
  • Easy to clean and empty - the edge open on one side allows you to easily empty the rubbish inside. Washable material, only clean and dry with water under the sink head or shower head.
  • Collapsible and easy to unfold - cat litter mat is lightweight, collapsible, and easy to carry and store. Simply fold backwards and flatten slightly, the back with a non-slip tip, easy to hold in place.
  • Product Description
    The litter box is a great way to prevent the litter box from spinning around in your room and keeping it clean.
    Highly effective for collecting cat litter and keeping the room clean.
    Our litter box mat has larger holes that allow more litter to get through the black hole.
    Waterproof and soft material, strong and durable, clean and tidy for space.
    Easy to clean and empty, convenient to use.
    Suitable for many types of litter and litter boxes.
    Material: oxford fabric, EVA
    Size: 64 * 40 cm
    Weight: 293g
    Color: black
    Scope of delivery:
    1 x cat litter mat

Litter Box Mat Cat Litter Mat - 40x64cm Large Litter Box Mat, Waterproof Double-Layer Washable