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Libara Aquarium Water Changer, Long Nozzle Fish Tank Cleaner Kit, the All-In-One Pond Siphon for Gravel & Sand Cleaning, Manual Suction Pipe for Sucking and Feces

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  • ➤Why Choose Us➠ The upgraded and extended version can effectively and seamlessly change the water, easily suck and suck the stool to keep it clean, and keep your fish healthy and happy.
  • ➤Reasonable Design➠ The transparent design of the water inlet can clearly see the work situation, and the entire product design is more humane and more efficient.
  • ➤Rugged and Durable➠ Made of durable plastic with good flexibility. Each part has been carefully designed to provide you with the best experience. Removable design, easy to clean.
  • ➤Wide Range of Uses➠ Suitable for small fish tanks, turtle tanks, tall fish tanks, reef tanks, children's fish tanks, etc., and the operation is simple and efficient.
  • ➤Customers First➠ From the date of purchase, if the product cannot meet your needs, please return it and we will refund your purchase price! Welcome to order!