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Leonbach 5 Pack Hamster Cage Platform Set, Cage Accessories Cage Platform for Chinchilla Hamster Bird, 12.6" L-Shaped Wooden Platform & 4 Pack Standing Board

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  • Package quantity: 1 pack 12.6" L-shaped wooden platform, 2 pack 4.72" x 2" square standing boards, 2 pack 4.33" round standing boards
  • Material: made of natural wood and metal, the surface is smooth and safe, with screws that allow the standing boards to be well fixed in the cage
  • Size: the L-shaped wooden platform is 12.6" x 9.17" / 32cm x 23.3cm, the square standing board is 4.72" x 2" / 12cm x 5cm, the round standing board is 4.33" / 11cm in diameter
  • Application: suitable for small pets such as hamsters, chinchillas, parrots, lizards, etc. the wooden platforms can decorate the cage while allowing pets to jump and play
  • Features: the boards can be chewed by pets. if the screws are not tightened, the standing boards may become unstable