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Large Elegant and Durable Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Open Play Top with Toy Hook Rolling Cage with Seed Guard

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White Large Elegant and Durable Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Open Play Top With Toy Hook Rolling Cage With Seed Guard
  • Elegant and Durable Wrought Iron Construction Parrot Bird Cage With Open Play Top With Toy Hook
  • Bird Safe non toxic powder coated finish safe for your parrot
  • Overall Dimensions: 30.5''L x 29.5''W x 73''H -- with an overall height (Including Stand, Around Seed Guards and Play Top With Toy Hook)
  • Cage Dimensions: 24" x 22" x 43"H
  • Bar Spacing: 5/8-Inch
  • Open Play Top Area with Stand Wooden Perch, Double Walk Dome Ladders, Two Stainless Steel Feeder Bowls and Toy Hook Included. Top Slide-out Metal Tray and Grate for Easy Access to Play-top and For Easy Cleaning.
  • Large Front Swing-out Door -- Size: 10" x 34"H With metal safety lock.
  • Four Stainless Steel Feeder Cups With Swivel Solid Metal feeder doors Prevent Food Spillage Include One Swivel Solid Metal Breeding Door
  • Natural Wooden Stand Perch
  • Bottom Slide-out grate and bottom metal tray and grate for easy cleaning.
  • Around metal seed guards included.
  • Four Heavy Duty Swivel Heavy Duty Casters -- For mobility and durability.
  • For African Grey Small Quaker Parrot Cockatiel Sun Parakeet Green Cheek Conure Dove Lovebird Budgie Cockatoo Cockatiel ...