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Large 5 Level Funland with Clear Transparent Tunnels Tubes Base Top Play Zone for Habitat Hamster Rodent Gerbil Mouse Mice Small Animal Critter Cage

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  • 【Completely Acrylic Clear Transparent With Wire Body】 to facilitate observation and match any home decoration. Cage can be connected to other Mcage brand cage together for more space.
  • Large 5-Levels: 【24"L x 14"W x 34"H】 Cage Size: 【18.5L x 11.5W x 23.5H 】
  • 【Include Complete Set of Accessories 】1 x Top Acrylic Clear Lookout Play Zone Tower; 4 x Acrylic Clear Platforms; 4 x Acrylic Clear Ladders; 1 x Hide House; 1 x Water Bottle; 1 x Acrylic Clear Feeding Food Dish; 1 x Exercise Running Wheels, 5-Inch Diameter; Set of Acrylic Clear Transparent Cross Level Play Tube Tunnel Sections; 6-Inch Deep Acrylic Clear Base
  • 【Wire Body With Bar space: 3/8"】Prevent Escape and Stuck 【3 Access Doors Available: front, left and right】
  • For Dwarf Syrian Hamster Habitat Rodent Gerbil Mouse Mice Dwarf Rat...Small Animals Critters