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Krazytag Airtag Dog Collar – Premium Soft Faux Leather Collar with Built-In Tag Space – Luxurious Airtag Holder for Dogs and Cats – Play-Proof Design

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  • Optimal Solution for Keeping Your Pet Safe: Nothing is more important than the safety of your doggie, which is why we have designed an advanced Airtag dog collar that allows you to use the newest technology to make sure you always know where your pet is.
  • Luxurious Materials: Our dog collar Airtag is made of faux leather, a soft and smooth material that will pass the test of time. The collars are durable and long-lasting, featuring metal insertions that will not rust or irritate your dog’s skin. This dog collar is vegan-friendly and very reliable.
  • How it Works: Our Airtags dog collar features a special built-in compartment for your Airtag. This allows you to use the simple device to track your dog, without having to worry about it running away. The built-in compartment is secured with a very durable strap, which makes it play-proof.
  • Pick Your Style: The dog Airtag collar comes in 3 spectacular colors: brown, pink, and black. Additionally, the smart dog collar comes in sizes small, medium, and large that are suitable for virtually all breeds.
  • How to Choose the Right Size: To make sure you are picking the right size of the Apple Airtag dog collar holder for your pet, make sure to wrap a soft measuring tape around the widest part of the dog’s neck and leave a 2-finger gap to determine the right size with a comfortable fit.

Krazy Tag is all about helping pet masters all over the world keep their doggies safe and secure. We rely on verified suppliers and advanced manufacturing technologies to develop new and innovative designs that make your lives better. One of the biggest fears of any dog master is losing their dog, whether it’s because it was taken away or simply lost. To help you avoid any dangerous situation for your doggie, we have designed a set of premium collars with tags that feature a special compartment for your Airtag. This allows you to track your dog using your smartphone so you always know where it is. What makes this product special? The amazing dog Airtag collar is a dream come true for people who are scared of losing their beloved dogs. The dog collar is made of faux leather that is soft, durable, and super-chic. The special Airtag compartment has a reinforced strap to keep the device secure even through rough playtime. Some features to keep in mind about our product: Available in sizes S/M/L Weather-proof Colors available: brown/pink/black Heavy-duty double stitching Made of faux leather Vegan-friendly Allows you to track your dog at all times Play-proof reinforced strap compartment Soft and skin-friendly fabric Durable and reliable Easy to use Keep your doggie safe and sound with our premium dog collar for Airtag!