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Konrissun Small Animals & Pet Cages Dimension 17.3X11.4X9.8 Inches Travel Cages for Small Aimals Small Cat&Dog& Rabbit Cages

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  • Brand KORISSUN
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 17.3x11.4x9.8 inches
  • Material Wire / Plastic
  • Color Blue
  • About this item: Upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base. Accessories: Tip proof small animal food bowl Drip proof small animal water bottle Hay Animal straw mat
  • Habitat that provides everything you need for safely housing a small animal such as a rabbit, small cat and dog,guinea pig, ferret, Hamster &Gerbill, Hedgehog, holland lop bunny,teddy bear hamster etc
  • IMAGINATIVE and EXTENSIVE HOUSE: A complete set-up manual is included in package. It is possible to build up this cage step by step according to the manual and you can place the accessories anywhere with your imagination