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Kitty City Catsnip Treats for Cats, 1 Piece

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  • PREMIUM NATURAL CATNIP Love watching your pet go into a pawing, purring tizzy Kitty City Catnip is just the thing you need, and it's made with all natural ingredients to give you peace of mind.
  • GET MORE PLAY OUT OF CAT TOYS Catnip toys tend to last for a week or two before they lose your cat's interest. Give them new life with a refresh of all-natural catnip any time they need some attention-holding help.
  • ENDLESS USES With plenty of catnip to use, you can refresh toys for months on end, train your cat to love his scratch pad instead of scratching up your furniture or fuel any fun projects you've had in mind to entertain your pet
  • SIZE OF 3.0 CUPS With 3 cups of all-natural catnip, you can keep the fun going for months on end. And it all comes in a resealable bag to preserve the freshness. Store the bag in a cool, dry place for maximum lifespan.
  • GROWN IN CANADA It's all-natural catnip, sourced from our northern neighbors to drive your cat wild. We worked with our Canadian partners to ensure you only get fresh, premium catnip.

Sprinkle a bit of Kitty City Premium Natural Catnip on your cat companion's favorite toy and it almost feels like cheating. That's because there's no surer way to command a cat's attention than this age-old, all-natural “secret”. Kitty City Catnip is grown in Canada and contains no additives, so you can use it confidently to keep the purring going. It's great for any toy designed with a catnip pouch, but you can use it creatively to encourage behavior beyond play time. Just sprinkle a bit on cat scratchers to encourage their use we've even heard of owners using it to infuse soap bubble solution for bubbles that drive cats wild.