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Kindersense® - Overnight Diaper Liners - Diaper Booster Pads Disposable Doubler Cloth Diaper Inserts to Prevent Leaks - Overnight Diapers Pad - Adhesive Strip - Hypoallergenic… (30 Pack)

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  • UNIVERSAL FIT | Fits baby diapers from size 2 - 6, as well as children’s training diapers. Can also be used as an insert for cloth diapers.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT | Stay leak free! This diaper pad absorbs super quickly and holds up to 8 fl oz, drastically increasing the absorption and time limit of a diaper.
  • OVERNIGHT PROTECTION | No more waking up to a baby with a diaper leak! This diaper liner will keep your little one dry throughout the night! Also perfect for long distance travels, where frequent diaper changes are impractical.
  • STAYS IN PLACE | The optional adhesive strip on the bottom of the pad, keeps it in place and prevents it from sliding around in a diaper. For easy repositioning, keep adhesive unexposed.
  • SAFE MATERIALS | Super soft, hypoallergenic, fragrance, latex, & phthalate free material ensures your child remains healthy and comfortable while using these pads.