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KIGOTY Cat Litter Box Enclosure Cat House Cabinet Furniture, White Blue

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  • Decorative Covered Cat Litter Box: Litter box enclosure looks elegant and simple which is perfect for matching other furniture in your home. This cat litter box can be used as a pet house, side table, end table or storage cabinet and etc

    Waterproof Paint: Don't worry about wetting the surface and causing problems with the product, could even could used it in the bathroom. Cat house features entrance to the cat is in the right hand side-cats can access and enjoy the cat house when they need to

    Cat Scratch Pad Keep Room Clean: Cat scratch pad at the entrance to prevent cat litter from staining your room, Also available for cat grinding claws and saving your furniture

    Easy to Use: The covered cat litter box features magnetic door and aluminum handle. A magnetic door with an aluminum alloy handle allows you to open the wooden cat litter box enclourse for quick cleaning

    Large Countertop: Cat litter box enclosure to fit perfectly in your home, but it still looks great. The wide top provides a great place to store everything from potted plants to magazines, lamps and collections
  • Wooden Cat Litter Box Furniture
    -suitable for cat litter box no more than 22'' width x 19'' depth x 15'' height
    -suitable for kitty, medium-sized cat, perfect for cat length which around 15inch
    -Cat litter box size: 35.82x20.47x20inch

    Will your cat love a fancy litter box enclosure as much as you do?
    *Cats often prefer quiet, out-of-the-way places to use their litter boxes

    Where should I keep my cat’s litter box in the house?
    *Cats prefer to do their business in quiet, out-of-the-way places, like a bathroom or laundry room. If you have to put the box in a bedroom or living room, just make sure it’s in a quiet corner.

You'll love the modern style and convenience of the Kigoty Cat Washroom Box. Constructed of MDF wood and metal hardware and finished in 4 available colors. It can be a storage cabinet, end table, nightstand, or display table on the outside, while it holds a litterbox and pet supplies on the inside! Two doors open to give you easy access to cleaning, and it features a divided scratching board area for cat playing. An opening on one end and cabinet allows easy entrance and exit for the kitty. Convenient, attractive, and smart!