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Ki-8Jcud Long Filter Brush Brush Brush Flexible Hose Aquarium Cleaning Water Brush Cleaning Supplies Scratch Remover for Stainless Steel

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  • The perfect tool for pipe cleaning

  • Perfect softness, not easy to damage the pipeline

  • Made of high quality soft nylon bristles and stainless steel, It can reuse for many times, easy to push and pull.

  • This hose brush is perfectly used to clean small diameter pipes and it remove the gunk build up and even algae when they run into the tubing.

  • Suit for cleaning water pump, filters, Pipe, Connector, and other hard to reach places.Ideal for all aquarium,fish tank,pet drinking fountain and home kitchen.

Aquarium Water Filter Brush Long Tube Brush Cleaning Brush Flexible Hose Brush

Product selling point:


  • Material:nylon+stainless steel.

  • Brush head size:A,B:1.5x2.5cm and C,D:3x5.5cm

  • Total length: 60cm

  • HOW TO USE: use a mild detergent and warm water,rinse thoroughly with cool water,keep the tube as straight as possible and gently work the brush in a back and forth motion, in short strokes, gradually working further inside the tube.Avoid aggressive use when cleaning.

Package included:

  • 1 × Single Ended Hose Cleaning Brush

  • Material:nylon+stainless Steel.
  • Total Length: 60cm
  • Brush Head Size:A,B:1.5x2.5cm And C,D:3x5.5cm
  • Made Of High Quality Soft Nylon Bristles And Stainless Steel, It Can Reuse For Many Times, Easy To Push And Pull.
  • This Hose Brush Is Perfectly Used To Clean Small Diameter Pipes And It The Gunk Build Up And Even When They Run Into The Tubing.