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Kdqueery Aquarium Air Stone Fish Tank Bubbler round Air Disk Oxygen Diffuser for Hydroponics New

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This air stone needs standard size air hose and air pump to run it, it can't produce bubbles in water by itself. Please note that NO air hose and air pump are included in this kit.
Ultra-high dissolved oxygen:This high-quality aquarium air stone releases bubbles more smaller, denser, uniform, which makes double oxygen dissolving rate in water, the more air goes into the water, the fish pets can live a more happy life in the aquarium tank
Small and dense bubbles:The air aquarium stone produce smaller and denser smooth bubbles than general air discs, when the bubbles burst into the water, it's ultra quiet under water. It can creat the atomization effect, the bubble beams will make your aquarium like a fairyland
Weighs enough to sink: The air bubbler stone easily sits on the tank bottom without suction cup. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater
Super sturdy anddurable, easy to clean,strong filtration.
Thickness: 2cm
Scope of application: applicable diameter is 4mm/8mm inner diameter hose