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Kaytee Products Inc.

Kaytee Wild Bird Food Nut & Fruit Blend

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  • Kaytee Nut & Fruit Blend™ Wild Bird Food.
  • Extra energy.
  • Specially blended for woodpeckers, cardinals, nuthatches, grosbeaks, juncos & more

Kaytee Nut And Fruit Blend 

Wild birds require a lot of energy for flying. Offer them the Kaytee Nut & Fruit Blend to keep them fueled and happy. Pound for pound, nothing offers your feathered friend more energy than fruit and nuts. Provide a supply of All Living Things Nyjer Seed year-round as birds may abandon and not return to a feeding area if they find it empty. When offering more than one type of seed, place feeders at different heights to avoid conflicts between different types of birds. Always provide plenty of clean, fresh water.

  • Excellent high-energy food for year-round feeding
  • Attracts cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and other colorful songbirds
  • Nut & Fruit Blend contains a rich mix of seeds and grains with added nut and fruit pieces.

Oil Sunflower, Peanuts, Hulled Sunflower Chips, Mixed Feed Nuts, Safflower, Raisins, Hulled Pumpkin Seed, Striped Sunflower, Dried Cherries, Artificial Cherry Flavor./div>