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Kathson Triangle Potty Trainer Corner Bunny Toilet Guinea Pig Litter Bedding Plastic Box Pet Pan for Rabbit Chinchilla Hamster Ferret Small Animal(Pink)

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  • High Quality Material -- Pet triangle toilet is made of high quality safety plastic, durable and strong. The special design is also stain and odour resistant which is hygienic.
  • Scratch Proof -- The edges of the mesh are rounded and curved, which can effectively prevent their feet from being scratched by the edges.
  • Humanized Design -- The two sides of the toilet is the smooth guardrail that prevent urine from splashing out and make the cage more sanitary. The tray mesh is properly spaced so pet poop can easily fall off and small pets' feet won't get stuck in the holes, better preventing rabbit foot inflammation. The tray can withstand good pressure, on which the rabbit can safely poop without worrying about the tray grid collapse.
  • Easy to clean -- The detachable design makes pet toilets easy to clear up. When the toilet needs cleaning, simply remove the grid tray from the box and rinse it with water.
  • Suitable Pets -- The size of the triangle toilet is 9.8" * 6.7" * 3.9" (L*W*H). Suitable for bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs and other small animals. Please note that this bedpan is relatively small and not suitable for adult rabbits.