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Kathson Rabbit Pee Pads Disposable Cage Liners 50PCS All-Absorb Black Carbon Odor-Control Bunny Training Accessories with Quick-Dry Surface for Puppy Guinea Pig Kitten Hedgehog Small Animals

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  • 【SUPER-ABSORBENT】As soon as any liquid falls on the training pad, the water is immediately sucked dry, and when it comes into contact with the super absorbent core, the liquid turns into a gel, leaving the pad's surface dry and not wet.
  • 【CONTROL THE SMELL】The surface of the rabbit training pad looks black due to the activated carbon in the product. Activated carbon can eliminate and neutralize the odor of pet urine, prevent the odor from spreading, and make your home smell fresh and clean.
  • 【VARY SHAPE】The guinea pig disposable liner is rectangular and is very soft, so you can cut or fold whatever shape you want to fit into any size cage.It's a great way to train your pet.
  • 【SIZE AND PACKAGE】The size of the bunnies pad is approximately 23.62〞Lx17.72〞.Each pack contains 50 pieces.
  • 【SCOPE OF APPLICATION】The bunny pads for cage can protect the floor from pets, can also protect the home furniture, sheets, beds, etc.This product is suitable for chinchillas,hamster,rabbits, cats, puppies, reptiles,parrots, love birds,budgies parakeet cockatiel conure lovebirds and other small animals.

Product Description

kathson is a company specializing in pet products.We mainly provide a variety of products for rabbits, hamsters, birds, lizards and other small animals, rodents and reptiles.We are committed to accompany your pet healthy growth.

  • Packing:50PCS
  • Size:23.62〞Lx17.72〞

Disposable pet pee pad

Are you still worried about your pet peeing at home? This product can help you not to worry about it, it can absorb liquid quickly, does not emit smell, and it is very convenient to use and change.

  • Bamboo charcoal absorbs odor and effectively prevents odor diffusion
  • Strong water absorption, liquid falling on the mat will be immediately absorbed dry
  • The bottom of the pad has a durable, leak-proof membrane that will protect your carpets and planks
  • Soft and breathable, give pets a comfortable experience

Suitable for various occasions

Toilet - To train pets to use the toilet

Floors - Protect floors from pet urine

Pet cage - Easy to keep indoors clean

Pet portable bag - Keep the inside clean and hygienic

  • You can fold any shape you want to fit any size cage.
  • Super-absorbent core turns liquid into gel on contact.
  • This product is suitable for training young pets to go to the toilet, helping older pets, or as an indoor toilet option for pets.
Size of Pad 11x15 in 17x23 in 22x22 in 13x18 in
Number of Pads Per Pack 4 50 50 100
Usability of Pad Washable Disposable Disposable Disposable