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Kathson Bunny Litter Box Pets Toilet Small Animal Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box Plastic Square Cage Box Pet Pan for Guinea Pig/Hamter/Ferret/Galesaur

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  • Material: The small animal litter box made of durable, stain and odor resistant plastic. Potty train your small animal, makes the cage easier to keep clean.
  • Size: 28*28*16cm/11*11*6.3inch. The ideal size is suitable for adult rabbits, adult rats, adult chinchilla, adult guinea pigs, ferret, galesaur or other animals is relatively large.
  • Buckle design: Buckle design prevents small animals from dragging the toilet, which designed to hold the litter tray securely to your cage.
  • Humanized design: The wider and higher smooth guardrail can prevent the urine from splashing to other places, make the cage cleaner and reduce your clean work.
  • Easy to clean: The mesh is the right size, so pet poop can easily fall into the box. When the toilet tray needs to be cleaned, it only needs to be disassembled. After removing the toilet, rinse it with water.