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Julam Large Cat Mats for Litter Larger Holes Cat Mats for Litter Foldable Cat Litter Pads Fast Sand Falling 45 X 60Cm/17 X 23.6Inch Charming

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  • Excellent Material: Our Large Cat Litter Trapping Mats are suitable for cats and kittens, they are made of high-quality EVA that won't hurt the kitten. The cat even likes to step on them.
  • Easily Cleaned: This Anti-Tracking Cat Litter Catcher Mat is made of reusable and easy-to-clean material, so it is convenient to wash it, just wash it with water.
  • Ideal Mat for Collecting Litter: These Cat Litter Mats can help you capture the scattered cat litter, no longer stick the garbage on your feet and clean the floor every day!
  • Water-resisting and Urine Proof: No need to worry about your hardwood flooring and carpets will be urine if you use the Double-Laye/Single Layer Large Litter Mat, In addition, the bottom layer will not slide, and it will stay in one place after place.
  • Novel Design: Larger Holes Cat Mats have special -shaped holes, which can trap each piece of cat litter. They are different from the traditional cat litter mats.


The Cat Litter Mat is made of high-quality material that is very safe for cats and kittens to use.

1. Reusable and easy to clean.

2. Good for capturing the scattered cat litter.

3. Water-resisting and urine-proof.

4. Anti-slip, protect your hardwood floor from being stained by urine or water.


Material: EVA

Size: about 45*60cm/17*23.6inch

Packing list:

1pc cat litter mat