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JOYO Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat with Strong Suction Cups, Window Mounted Cat Bed for Indoor Cats, Weighted up to 40Lb, Safety, Space Saving, Easy to Assemble

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  • 【More Durable Materials】Compared with other brands of cat hammock made of tubes, JOYO Cat Window Hammock uses a stronger pine cat window perch with comfortable carpet cloth and 2021 upgraded suction cups, making the cat hammock more durable.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】The Cat Window Perch consists of only three parts, so you can install or remove it in a few minutes. Moreover, you can install it on the smooth clean glass window(please do not stick window film on the glass window), and the kitten can rest freely and comfortably in the cozy cat window bed.
  • 【More Stronger Suction Cup】Five suction cups are provided, four for usual usage and one for replacement. The upgraded suction cup can be more strongly mounted to smooth surface especially for window glass. The load-bearing capacity can reach 40 lbs, but please make sure that the four suction cups are kept parallel which could keep the suction cups strong suctions for a long time. Your cats can freely bask in the sun 360°on the cat window hammock or lying lazily in the cat window bed.
  • 【Measurement】Size after installation: 16.9*11.4*12.2 inches (43*29*31cm ), there is enough space for cats to enjoy the sunbath. In addition, the cat can freely jump or play in the cat window perch without feeling crowded. This is suitable for lively cats who like higher viewing angles.
  • 【Customer Care and Service 】Have something heavy on the cat hammocks for indoor cats for a few hours or longer time before having your cats dance, jump and enjoy casual time in it. If there is any help needed during your installation or usage of the cat hammock window, welcome to contact us for quick help.

Product Description


As a young brand of pet product, JOYO works passionately on the high quality and innovation of design to create products with simplicity and usability to all customer who love pets.

  • Enrich Cat's Life
  • Make Cat's Happy
  • Enjoy Evryday with JOYO Cat Hammock

JOYO Sturdy and Comfortable Cat Window Perch

A perfect resting and playing area for your cats

This cat window perch has four suction cups who are with strong suction power that can hold up to 40 lbs(18KG), provides a good position to watch outside and sleep for your lovely kitty. Rugged but compact components, installation with a few minutes without additional tools.

  • 1* Pine cat hammock
  • 1* Metal stent
  • 5 *2021 Upgraded Suction Cup
  • 1 * User Manual


Comfortable Carpet Cloth

Soft and breathable carpet cloth material make cats can lie freely and comfortably on it and watch outside.

Upgraded Suction Cup

The air can be completely exhausted by rotating the suction cup knob so that it can be better absorbed on the window. With this suction Cup, cats can jump up and down safely and enjoy more fun.

Metal Bracket with Strong Bearing Capacity

Compared with the plastic cat hammock, JOYO uses the metal bracket, which can bear a maximum load of 40 lbs. Putting heavy thing on the cat hammock and test it out before having your cats on it is more careful idea come from us.

Customer Voices

Enjoy Night Time

How casual it is to stand and relax in the cat window perch in the night time.

Enjoy Daytime

With the cat hammock window seat, your lovely cats can sit and lay comfortably and watch the cat TV, as well as the world go by all the day.

Relax Together

Really stable even with 2 cats over resting on it.

How to Install the Cat Window Perch

  • First of all, check if the two ends of the stent could be attached to a flat surface well or not, any corner curls, please adjust it before installation.
  • Soaking and Soften the suction cups: SOAKING the suction cups in warm water (30-50°C) for 3-5 minutes to warm up and soften them. It is a must-do step that helps a lot in making the suction cups hold tightly to the window.
  • Clean the glass window and the suction cups: Clean suction cups and smooth window thoroughly to make sure it’s free of dirt.
  • Install suction cups to the perch plate hole: Leave some space while you install the two suction cups, do not tighten the screw knobs, and keep the surface of the suction cups flat,only the screw knob is loose enogh the surface could be flat
  • Insert the metal stent: Insert the metal stent into the perch plate hole tightly, install the other two suction cups to the metal stent as before
  • Install the cat window perch on the glass window to finish the assembly: Press the suction cups against the contact surface strongly to squeeze the air out. Keep on pressing the suction cups against the contact surface strongly with one hand and rotate the knob with your other hand at the same time

Kindly Note:

  • Contact surface of glass window should be clean without adhesive film
  • Soaking and Soften in warm water are the must-do steps
  • Keep the contact surface of the suction cup to the window flat
  • The last step of squeeze the air in the suction cups out should be paid much more attention
  • Please make sure that the four suction cups are kept parallel which could keep the suction cups strong suctions for a long time

Careful Remind: Installation Manual in Product guides and documents Part may help a lot in your Assembly

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