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Iprimio Jumbo Size Cat Litter Trapper Litter Mat, EZ Clean Cat Mat, Litter Box Mat Water Proof Layer and Puppy Pad Option. Patent Pending. (32"X30"Jumbo)

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  • JUMBO Size of Cat Litter Trappers. Traps litter from cats paws and litter from box. Litter falls through extra large holes (20% larger than competition).
  • THE ORIGINAL CAT MAT: Manufactured into our TRAPPER MAT an EXCLUSIVE PLASTIC FILM. It repels urine - other mats "CLAIM" this, but they DON'T. Patent Pending.
  • GREAT for those cats that avoid their mat and Multiple Cats / Boxes. Super light. For Really Messy Cats be sure to use Puppy Pads as they soak excessive urine - avoid urine around nylon mesh located on perimeter of the mat. This outside nylon border may absorb urine if excessive.
  • EZ Open Edge. Dump Litter Back into Litter Box (saves money), or Discard. Easy cleaning under sink head, shower head, etc.Only iPrimio Cat LITTER Trapper has a Super Smooth surface - doesn't bother cat paws like other mats. PLEASE measure to make sure this will fit-- It is BIG! 32 inches by 30 inches - 7/16" thick. Litter Mat, Cay Litter Mat, Litter Box Mat, Cat Mat, Cat Little Box Mat, Cat Mats for Litter Box. Litter Trapper.