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Incontinence Booster Pads by Livdry | Extra Absorbent Protection for Adults, Unisex | Disposable Comfortable Pad (20 Count, Regular Length)

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  • ✔ EXTRA ABSORBENCY - LivDry booster pads work together with any bladder control underwear or brief to help prevent leaks and extend periods between changes. Increases absorbency of any protective underwear.
  • ✔ FLOW-THROUGH PERFORMANCE - The flow-through design quickly absorbs liquid and then passes additional fluids to the adult protective underwear. Changing the booster pad keeps skin more comfortable and extends use of the protective underwear.
  • ✔ SOFT CLOTH-LIKE MATERIAL FOR COMFORT - The soft, cloth-like, latex-free material has an outer layer for better comfort against the skin.
  • ✔ ADHESIVE STRIP FOR PROPER PLACEMENT - The adhesive strip on the bottom of this incontinent pad allows for ideal positioning higher in front for men, more centered for women, or more towards the back for ease of bowel clean-up.
  • ✔ NO UNCOMFORTABLE STACKING - Highest absorbency booster pad technology eliminates the need for awkward stacking, and using only one pad at a time makes the entire package last longer.